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If you need to have a tooth removed, we are able to safely and gently remove a tooth and repair the bone at our office in a single procedure. If needed, we can also provide a number of services, such as Nitrous Oxide or “laughing gas”, to make this procedure as comfortable as possible.


Having a tooth removed, or a Dental Extraction, is usually recommended because a tooth is extremely loose or is damaged beyond the point of repair due to disease or trauma.


After a tooth or multiple teeth are removed there will be a large hole, or socket, left in the bone. The bone which surrounds the tooth socket deteriorates very quickly once a tooth is removed. As the area heals, the jawbone will shrink and collapse on itself much like a “cave in” when you dig a tunnel too deep. When this happens, you may experience problems with chewing and eating, dark holes in your smile, and a shifting in your bite.

Filling this hole immediately after removing teeth is called Socket Preservation or Socket Grafting. This is a procedure where the socket is filled with new bone immediately after the tooth is removed. This rebuilds and stabilizes the bone to allow for tooth replacement by a dental implant or bridge restoration.